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The 'excavator oasis' at the  :

On selected quarrying levels you learn the raw brute force of a large excavator with pulveriser - you crush tons heavy reinforced concrete parts into gravel; with your small excavator you are going to stack up tires - so you learn the fine art of hydraulic control; in the massive wheel loader we carry you gently to the "bulk-bounce-furmula"; on the giant dump truck you have to manage a tricky parcours and this of course with a full load - so about 90 tons! In the cabin of the mighty 'Radl'- excavator you train your fine motor skills :o)

Expect 2-3 hours to savor the described stations, which occur in a 'competition-show-mode', in other words with time  and points scoring.

An all-weather blast from 5 people minimum number of participants!

Please book at least one week in advance!



  • Euro 199,-- per person including professional introduction & safety briefing in 5 vehicles, radio and terrain, Instruktors, fuel, 'competition-show-mode with skill tasks, certificate, (duration: approx. 2 hrs)
  • Examples vehicles: 1 small excavator (4,5t), 1 large excavator (30t), 1 wheel loader (30t), 1 dump truck, 1 'Radl'-excavator




SKIRMISH ....pure excitement for everybody 18 and older!

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